Display of Residence Street Number (Essential for Emergency Services)

Ordinance No. 249 of South Connellsville Borough (enacted in 1995) requires each property be numbered, in minimum 4-inch letters, to be displayed on either the mailbox or a conspicuous place on the front of the residence. This Ordinance helps ensure emergency responders can quickly and easily identify properties. The Borough has ordered signs that are compliant with the ordinance, and they will be available to purchase at the Borough building for $10 per residence. No one is required to purchase the signs from the Borough, but each residence MUST display the house number to be compliant with the ordinance. 

Our Code Enforcement Officer will begin to deliver Notifications of Violation in the future. If your property is cited for being non-compliant with the Ordinance, you will have 15 days to obtain and install a sign. Failure to do so, under the ordinance, may result in a charge and possible conviction of a summary offense and/or carry a fine of up to $600.

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