Park Bench Project

The Borough of South Connellsville is sponsoring a park bench project at the South Connellsville playground. We have purchased 12 park benches that will be installed around the walking track at the playground. These benches are available for sponsorship on a first come, first serve basis. Sponsoring a bench costs $150, at which time the sponsor will get to display a message on the top rail on the back support of the bench. Councilman Tom Jenkins is the chairperson of this project and will be accepting applications for sponsorship starting on April 17, 2023. Once the application and payment have been received, the Borough Council will review the request at the next meeting to ensure that the message does not offend anyone or group. Once approved the back of the bench will be taken to the engraver and will take 4 to 5 weeks to complete. This is the initial part of the program, and once the first 12 benches have been sponsored the Borough will determine if more benches will be purchased for future phases. This program is a continuing effort on the part of the Borough Council to beautify South Connellsville, and to turn our recreational areas into a positive gathering place for years to come. Applications are available at the Borough office and can be returned there with the required fee. Questions can be directed to Tom Jenkins at [email protected] or contact the South Connellsville Borough Office during regular hours.

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